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Message from niece, Maia Fortich Poblete

“My deepest condolences to the family of Governor Mario Nery. He was a good personal friend. I call him Yoda because he is a man of vision who initiated a lot of good things for the Philippine Red Cross during his term as chairman,” Gordon said in a statement on Wednesday.

Thank you, Senator Gordon, for acknowledging the contributions and accomplishments of my uncle, Mario Nery. He had a very big heart, one that could embrace everyone in need. I thought he would live forever.

I grew up with tito Mario and his family. Our families lived together for years in Davao (I remember the house pretty well!). When we needed to get back on our feet, tito Mario and ninay Inday (his wife) were there. In fact, it was tito Mario who gave Daddy a second chance in his professional life. He was one of the few who understood my mom. I'd like to think that she was his baby.

He was always there for us. It will be difficult - and painful - to imagine that he won't be around anymore; that we won't be seeing him anymore the next time we visit the house in Horseshoe Village. It will be difficult for the many people and organizations that he has helped.

But, you are in eternal paradise now, tito Mario. Rest well. Please hug Mommy for me. And, please, continue to be our guardian angel.  I love you.

I don't have a solo photo of you. You were always surrounded by people you love, by people who love you. Because all your life, that was what you did - serve and love people.

Thank you for everything. You have done so much for our family. You will be in our hearts forever.

You will be missed. You will forever be loved.

Please hug mommy for me.❤️❤️❤️

Sleep well and rest in peace now, tito Mario.

(Photo taken in Horseshoe Village, May 2015)

Message from niece, Connie Fortich

I've always been proud of Tito Mario... And very thankful for all the help he (and Tita Inday) extended to his baby sister, my Mommy, back in the days when we were struggling to survive in Horseshoe Village.

I will never forget how we'd all look forward to celebrating Christmases and New Years in your home, and the free ice cream every Month!

I wish I could've hugged you tighter when we were at tita Joy's last May.

Don't forget to give Mommy a high five there in Heaven!

Message from son-in-law, Butch Pacana

Thank you for everything you have done for us, Daddy Mario. We will miss you. Rest in peace.

Message from nephew, Tony Ching.

We are going to miss you Tito Mario. Rest in peace! 🙏🏻

Photo shows Mario with Tony's wife Agnes and their first child Luis.   Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

From the Christian Family Movement of the Philippines (CFMPHIL)

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved CFM Philippines Past President and CFM Foundation Chairman, MARIO R. NERY. He joined our Creator last night, July 11. His wake is at the Mt. Carmel Shrine in Broadway, New Manila, Quezon City. Please join us in the CFM Mass tonight at 7:30pm. Cremation and entombment will happen in the morning of July 16th, Saturday. We continue to pray for the bereaved family and for the eternal repose of the soul of our dear Mario.

Message from granddaughter Leigh Nery Soliven

In you, I saw Jesus. Thank you for everything, my dearest Papa Mario. I love you so, so much.

Messages from granddaughters MarCory Nery &  Bianca Camille Nery

We may not see you everyday, we may not talk to each other but our love for you doesn't change. We can never forget your face Tito Mario kay you have the same face with Papa Yeye. May you rest in peace tito ☹️😭☹️ We will surely miss you!! Don't worry we will take care of Papa Ye for you. He will surely miss you more. We love you Tito Mario!


sa lahat ng kapatid ni papa ye ikaw ang pinaka paborito ko ☹️☹️☹️ ma mimiss talaga kita tito Mario! hindi man lang kita nalibre na may trabaho na ako 😔😔😔 i love you tito! we will miss you!

Message from Catherine Martin, Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland

Saddened to hear that Gov Mario Nery, one of the persons I admired and respected in the Philippine Red Cross passed away. He is a good leader and a great mentor. One of the most important lessons I learned from him is that leadership is not about power and prestige but it is about developing people around you.

Thank you Sir for the lessons, the encouragement, the support and the friendship. Thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown, for believing in me and for helping me to grow my full potential in the Red Cross. The teachings you shared with me will forever be etched in my mind as I continue my journey. You have been an inspiration and a blessing. Rest in peace Gov Nery.

Message from granddaughter Anna Garcia Donesa

It's been really hard to deal with the loss of my grandfather Papa Mario Nery as he's someone that has set the standard in our family.

He's lived his life setting an example for all his children, grand children and great-grand children.

Although it's been heartbreaking, it has also been very uplifting reading such wonderful messages from other relatives as well as people I never knew. I know my papa has touched so many lives. He truly has lived a life of service, and for that I cannot be any prouder.

I love you Papa. This is how I will always remember you, smiling and happy. You are the pride of the Nery family. Mama is our joy.

Message from daughter Effie Nery Garcia

Thank you so much Dad. I miss you so much already. Here's my last kiss for your trip to heaven. The road ahead will be tough and difficult for us, but knowing you are safe, peaceful and pain free now, will be our best reward ever.


Message from Myrna Lloren Bagaipo-Saarenas

We are honored and blessed to have known you. You’re not only a blessing in our family but all the lives that you touched, cared and loved. Remembering your wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. A good heart has stopped beating but a good soul ascended to heaven. Our heartfelt condolences, may God give the bereaved family especially to Maam Inday the strength and comfort to bear the great pain of losing a great man.

Myrna is the daughter of Epifanio "Panyo" Bagaipo, Mario's most trusted and loyal aide of many years. Panyo started working for Mario when he was 15 years old and devoted a lifetime of service to the Nery family. Mario loved Panyo dearly, and was very saddened when Panyo passed on too soon. Myrna considers Mario & Inday her second parents.

A few hours before Mario died, Myrna had a dream about her Tatay Panyo and Mario outside of St. Augustine Cathedral in Cagayan de Oro City; both were laughing. looking young and happy.  They entered the church where there was beautiful music playing. Clearly, Panyo had sent his daughter a joyful message: the angels in Heaven, led by Mario's loyal friend Panyo, were celebrating and preparing for Mario's arrival!

Message from niece Presy Elli

For those who have been faithful, O Lord, life is not ended, but merely changed; and when this earthly abode dissolves, an eternal dwelling place awaits them in heaven. - From the Roman Sacramentary

'Certainly, heaven is rejoicing for another soul has finally reached his true home. What the heart has once owned and had it shall never lose.' - H. W. Beecher

I thank God for you... and only you, +Tito Mario, my beloved uncle who is beyond compare!
Good bye, our beloved Tito Mario!
Rest in peace in the loving arms of our Lord. You are always in our hearts and prayers. You will be sorely missed!

More messages to come; please check back again!
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