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From grandson Jed Nery's blog.


Article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer
Tribute from the Philippine Red Cross
Message from grandson Nick Abasolo

Papa, I'll remember you the most for how you always worked to teach us about the importance of family. You were the pillar of our family, and the reason why I made family my rock and my foundation.

That comes especially handy on a day like today -- even though we're scattered across the world, our family is lucky that we can turn to each other as we begin to learn how to live without you here with us. You showed me that no matter what, family will be here to love and support one another.

My cousins and I were so lucky to call you our grandpa. I love you and miss you!

Message from granddaughter Kai Pacana Lee

Oh, Papa. You are so loved by everyone ❤️ I am utterly gutted that you will not be with us anymore physically but you will be alive and well in our hearts always. You lived such a wonderful life and you truly lived it to the fullest! I love you so much! 😽

Interview with Senator Dick Gordon
Message from daughter Cristy Nery Abasolo

Grateful for the gift of this beautiful, beautiful soul - the most hardworking soldier of Christ and a man who loved us unconditionally. I love you so much, Dad. In your eyes I always saw the love of Jesus. Bon voyage and rest easy in eternal happiness in God's heavenly kingdom. Mah jong all day and bacon morning, noon and night! All my love and undying gratitude, till we see each other again

Message from granddaughter Kiss Nery Ricafort
Message from niece Liza Nery Taylor
Message from son John Nery

He was our first example (he taught us how to live a useful life, by making himself useful until the end of his days); he was our first standard (he encouraged us to do well, by doing well -- we always fell short, but felt nothing less than gratitude even in the falling); he was our first, and most lasting, inspiration.

I love this photo of him, taken two days after he and Mama celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, in 2014. We were on a family vacation, the sprawling clan almost complete; as part of the vacation, we listened to him speak to us on what matters most in life. The photo shows everyone listening intently -- to a late Saturday night homily! Only you, Dad. Only you. Thank you for everything.

Mario R. Nery. August 17, 1932 - July 12, 2016.

Message from family friend Maricor Abasolo Manese
Maricor with her Tito Mario & nephew Nick.

He was certainly larger than life. As the Magnolia account executive at JRA, a newbie, so young, so utterly green, I was always so paralyzed with fear when we had to present to MRN--his office at Magnolia was befitting of the "giant of a man" he was--it almost echoed in there save for the humming of the airconditioning. So intimidated I was that I would rehearse over and over nights before, for fear of a question that, even if I knew the answer, I would stammer and stumble to answer. He was a man of not just a few words, but more aptly, one of chosen words, chosen questions. Questions that would fill the room for me, like a huge gong, in contrast to the quiet way in which he would ask.

And there always would, invariably, be one that even the advertising heads would be stumped to answer, and then we would go back to the drawing board. And then I realized, the questions were always wise, singular, directed and really pondering. Later, the fear would be replaced with a respect, an awe, that would dictate the way I saw him when he was no longer my client, but my brother's father-in-law, and father to someone who I would say, is my nearest and dearest, Cristy. And it would make such perfect sense. I was blessed and privileged to know him. He was a dignified, remarkable, and unforgettable man. A model for all fathers, a model for all men. I know this to be true because of all of you. My heart goes out to you, to Tita Inday and to his huge, big, remarkable family. The giant of a man, with a giant of a family.

Message from granddaughter Aya Garcia
Message from daughter Connie Nery Pacana
Message from grandson Anton Nery Garcia

In the Filipino-Catholic culture there is a 40 day period after a loved one passes, on the 40th day the spirit of the loved one finally ascends to heaven.

I havent posted anything about this for one main reason, acceptance. I didnt want to accept that he was gone, but today, after I wiped away my tears and saw the celebration, I accepted it. This has definitely been the hardest thing I have had to go through. For the last 40 days ive been an emotional wreck. Constantly breaking down in random places and not being myself. I always want to imagine that he's just on a trip and he'll be back soon.

Papa, You truly were my idol, my one and only role model. There is no one else I would rather be like than you. You helped so many people and yet asked for so little in return, you taught us the meaning of family, to love one another no matter what, and that "there are no such things as in-laws." As much as it pains me to accept that you are gone, it also brings me great joy to know that you are without pain and worry, that you are where you deserve to be, sitting with your father in heaven. I strive to be half the man you were, and to carry on your beliefs and morals, as well as show others what an amazing, respectable yet fun person you were.

Rest easy Papa Mario Nery, The best grandfather that ever lived.

I love you and I miss you so much ❤

ps. I promise I wont eat your fried bananas anymore.

From the PhilStar Global
From the Manila Bulletin
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